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Mycin (Erythromycin)

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Benzamycin Gel Information

Benzamycin Gel is an effective remedy for the severe forms of acne. A therapy with this medical product can be accompanied by a treatment trial with othaer acne medical products. 

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Benzamycin Gel Information

Benzamycin Gel is an effective remedy for the severe forms of acne. A therapy with this medical product can be accompanied by a treatment trial with other acne medical products. This medicine is a mixture between a drying (keratolytic) agent and a macrolide antibiotic. Both these ingredients are well known for their antibacterial effect. Thus, a therapy with Benzamycin Gel is so effective due to its peeling, antibacterial and drying effects.

Benzamycin Gel Indications

Benzamycin Gel should be prescribed to individuals who present the signs of the most severe types of acne. Your personal health care provider will tell you whether you should use this medicine in combination with any other acne drugs.

Benzamycin Gel Warnings

A therapy with this medicine (Benzamycin Gel) is not recommended in the case of patients who are suffering from an Allergic Reaction to any of the active components of this medicine. In order to check whether you are hypersensitive or not to some of the most important components of Benzamycin Gel, you might have to undergo a set of clinical evaluations (allergy tests). Patients who are suffering from any blood medical conditions, or from any type of liver problems, ought to avoid starting a therapy with this medicine. Your personal health care provider will have to look for an alternative therapy method in such cases, as Benzamycin Gel is not the best therapy option for them.

This medication has been designed for external use only. It is very important to use this drug only on the affected skin areas. If you accidentally happen to let a small amount of this medication come into direct contact with your eyes, with the inside of your mouth and / or nose, on your lips, and so on you should immediately rinse that area with plenty of water. This medicine (Benzamycin Gel) must not be applied on open wounds, lesions, sunburns, irritated skin areas, or broken skin. If you personal health care provider has advised you to complete your therapy with Benzamycin gel with an adjacent treatment trial with another acne medical product, we strongly advise you to wait for at least 60 minutes before you are allowed to apply the other medication. Most patients who have followed a therapy with this medicine stated that they were able to see the improvements that were due to their therapy after a month or even two months. However, if your symptoms have not improved at all after 3 months of therapy, we advise you to stop your treatment and seek your physician’s professional guidance.

We strongly recommend all patients who are interested in benefiting from the best potential effect of their therapy with Benzamycin Pak Gel, to apply only cosmetics that are water-based during their prophylaxis with this drug. Studies have shown that a prolonged therapy with this medicine increases the skin’s sensitivity to direct sunlight. In other words, patients who use this medicine on a regular basis are more prone to developing unwanted (and even severe) sunburns. We recommend all patients to take extra precautions measurements during their therapy with this medicine. Wearing protective clothing and using an effective sunscreen will protect you from an unwanted allergy to the sun.

The ingredients of this medicine (Benzamycin Gel) can lead to the appearance of unwanted bleaches. We strongly recommend all individuals who are using this product to avoid letting it come into direct contact with carpeting, fabrics or hair. The safety of Benzamycin Gel in the case of young children (patients under 12 years of age) has not been established. Ask a pediatrician for further advice regarding this matter. If you become pregnant during your therapy with this medicine you should alert your personal health care provider as soon as possible.

Benzamycin Gel Intake Guidelines

We advise you to wash your hands before applying Benzamycin Gel. Try using this medicine at regular time intervals. Ask your personal physician for further information. You should also try reading the medicine’s label. Some patients have found it quite helpful. Before applying your doses of this drug you should check to see if the medicine is not expired. Ask your pharmacist how to dispose of the unused drug.

Benzamycin Gel Dosage

Although the medicine’s pack should contain a set of detailed information about the proper dosage of Benzamycin Gel, we advise you to check the dosage instructions from the label with those of your personal physician.

Benzamycin Gel Overdose

If you feel that you might be suffering from an unwanted overdose with Benzamycin Gel, we suggest you seek professional medical care. Contact your local poison control centre as soon as you can.

Benzamycin Gel Missed Dose

A disruption in your regular Benzamycin Gel dosing schedule is not a worrying situation. In such cases you should simply use a dose of this drug as soon as you regain access to your pack.

Benzamycin Gel Side Effects

A therapy with Benzamycin Gel can lead to the appearance of: feeling of warmth; dryness; irritation; hives; peeling; itching; stinging; redness; swelling of the skin, and so on. Other severe side effects can include: excessive itching, burning, redness, extreme dryness; tenderness of the skin; severe irritation; skin sloughing, and so on.

Benzamycin Gel Drug Reactions

As very little of Benzamycin Gel is absorbed into the skin, drug interactions are unlikely to occur.


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