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Lantus Insulin

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Lantus-Insulin Indications

Buy Lantus-Insulin from our online pharmacy, as it is a popular diabetes medication that is usually prescribed in the treatment of patients

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Lantus-Insulin Indications

Buy Lantus-Insulin from our online pharmacy, as it is a popular diabetes medication that is usually prescribed in the treatment of patients who are suffering from diabetes mellitus. However, this drug can also be prescribed to treat some other disorders that have not been mentioned in this guide. Consult our online medications help for further information.

Lantus-Insulin Information

Insulin is one of the hormones that are naturally produced by the body (by the pancreas). Insulin is the only hormone that enables the body to use sugar (the ones that are found in various foods) as an energy source. Diabetes mellitus is a medical condition that is caused when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin. A patient who is suffering from this medical condition has very high blood sugar levels and needs to take in artificial insulin, or insulin that is produced by a pig’s pancreas (this hormone has proven itself to be highly similar to the one that is produced by a human’s pancreas) to lower their blood sugar levels. Lantus-Insulin is usually prescribed in the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

Lantus-Insulin Warnings

You should not buy Lantus-Insulin if you are allergic to insulin or to any other insulin glargine products. Before you start to use Lantus-Insulin, you should inform your personal physician if you are suffering from any other medical disorders or if you are taking other medicines. If you do, you may have to take in a lower dose of Lantus-Insulin or you may not be allowed to start a treatment with this insulin medication. Lantus-Insulin is a category C FDA Pregnancy Drug. Therefore, it has not been clearly determined whether this medicine is able to harm a growing foetus (if taken during pregnancy). However, it is highly recommended that you ask your personal physician if it is safe to start a treatment with this medicine if you are pregnant or if you are planning to be. It has not been established whether this drug is able to pass into breast milk. Therefore, if you are breastfeeding an infant, you should ask your personal physician if you may start taking this medicine.

You should know the symptoms and signs of low blood sugar (symptoms follow below): Nausea; shaking; weakness; headache; drowsiness; dizziness; sweating; fast heartbeat; cool/pale skin; difficulty concentrating and anxiety.

You should carry glucose tablets or a piece of candy with you at any time, in case you need to treat an episode of hypoglycemia. You should follow any exercise plan and diet that your physician has told you to follow, because any changes in what you eat or do are known to affect the amount of insulin that your body produces. Ask your physician what you should do in case you get sick with a flu, cold, or fever. Such illnesses may sometimes change your regular insulin requirements.

You should not stop your treatment with Lantus-Insulin without your physician’s approval, even if you start to feel better after a few days of treatment. Store this diabetes medication away from heat, moisture and direct sunlight, in a place that is far from the reach of pets and children (in order to avoid unwanted and dangerous accidents).

Lantus-Insulin Intake Guidelines

Ask your doctor how and when you should take Lantus-Insulin. You must not disobey any of your physician’s instructions. You can also rely on the instructions that are written on the drug’s label. If you fail to understand some of them, you should ask a doctor, a pharmacist or a nurse for further explanations. This medicine is to be regularly used once per day. You should not mix or dilute this medicine with any other solution or insulin. You should avoid using a drug that has discolored, has particles in it or looks thick.

Your personal physician or your healthcare provider may ask you to perform regular blood tests, in order to monitor your sugar levels. You should wear a medical identification bracelet, to alert others that you are suffering from diabetes, in case an emergency occurs. If you are suffering from diabetes mellitus, it is important that you visit your dentist, eye doctor and your personal physician regularly. You must not allow this medicine to freeze. You should throw away Lantus-Insulin that has not been used 28 days after you have first punctured the vial.

Lantus-Insulin Dosage

Ask your physician to calculate the correct dose of Lantus-Insulin (the diabetes medication) that works best in your case. The dosage of this drug is known to vary from one person to another. This normally depends on factors such as age, sex, body weight, your general health condition and so on. You must not make any adjustments to the dosage that you have been prescribed without your physician’s approval.

Lantus-Insulin Overdose

If you suspect that you are suffering from an overdose of this drug, you might be in need of immediate medical care. You must contact your local poison control centre as soon as possible and inform your personal physician. The average Lantus-Insulin overdose symptoms include irregular heartbeat, headache, increased pulse or heart rate, tremor, sweating, nausea, anxiety and increased hunger.

Lantus-Insulin Missed Dose

In order to get the maximum benefits from your treatment with Lantus-Insulin, you should take this medicine on a regular basis. You should avoid missing any of your prescribed doses of this medicine. However, if you happen to miss a scheduled dose, you should ask your personal physician for further information. You must not take extra doses of this drug without your physician’s consent.

Lantus-Insulin Side Effects

Alert your personal physician if you experience anything bothersome during your treatment with Lantus-Insulin.

Lantus-Insulin Drug Reactions

Ask for your doctor’s consent before taking any other drugs during a treatment with Lantus-Insulin.

Buy Lantus-Insulin

In some countries LANTUS INSULIN may also be known as: Humalog Mix 25, Humalog, Humulin 20/80, 30/70 and 50/50, Humulin L, Humulin NPH, Humulin R, Humulin UL, Hypurin Isophane, Hypurin Neutral, Lantus, Levemir, Mixtard 20/80, Monotard, NovoMix 30, Protaphane, Ultratard, Iletin II Pork Lente, Iletin II Pork NPH, Iletin II Pork Regular, Actraphane 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, Apidra, Insuman Comb, Humaject M1, M2, Insuman Basal, Exubera, Lente, Regular Iletin II 

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