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How We Work

Step 1 – Navigating the website

The first step of our service is to determine if we have what you wish to order. You can do this by browsing through our prescription drugs, medical conditions or by simply using the search feature provided at the top of the page.

You may notice that there are multiple pharmacies listed for the same product and this is very good news for you as a customer. Each pharmacy is in competition with the other to offer you the best price and service in order to obtain and retain your business.

While each pharmacy may have a different price for a particular product, that product is the same no matter where you choose to purchase it from. The difference in price is just a reflection of what pricing regulations exist locally and this varies from country to country. All the pharmacies we work with are fully licensed and you can rest assure when you order through you will receive exactly what you paid for, guaranteed.

We take the risk out of placing your order online.

Step 2 – The Signup Page

After successfully adding all your products to the shopping cart, you will then follow the prompts until you reach the signup page at which point you will provide us with the necessary shipping and billing information to proceed with the next step of your order. If you ever run into problems or have any questions when placing your order, be sure to contact us.

Step 3 – The Medical Profile

After the signup page, you will be taken to our medical profile page and depending on your situation; you may or may not need to complete it.

Situation #1 – I do not have a prescription

For those customers who do not already have a prescription we will require you to complete our detailed medical profile which will ask you the same questions a physician would ask if you were to meet for a physical consultation. The information you provide will be reviewed to ensure there are no complications or conflicts with the product(s) you are ordering from our online drugstore. The physician will review each order very carefully and it is up to their professional discretion whether they approve or disapprove the order based on the medical data you have provided. If there are problems or questions that arise, you will be contacted to rectify them.


The physician is here to help you with your medical conditions, so be truthful in filling out your profile!


Please be sure to read our terms and conditions about the legal issues involved in obtaining a online medical consultation. Remember that you are responsible for your own health and must always have your local physician's approval before placing your order. Also note that we will NEVER use, sell, rent, or trade any of your personal details with anyone. We use them only for the purpose of completing the order and nothing more.


We take your privacy very seriously!

Situation #2 – I do have a prescription
For those customers who already have an existing prescription and don't want to complete the medical profile, you must fax a copy of this prescription to our office at: 1-866-689-8719. Please be sure to put your order or customer ID somewhere on the fax otherwise it may cause unnecessary delays. Only once received can we begin processing your order.

Step 4 – The Order Approval

Relax, this is where our job begins!

We will now send your order to our accounting and fraud department to ensure that your payment was successful and that you are not shipping 500 doses of Viagra to Nigeria with a US credit card and an IP address in Belgium. Not to worry, we have very skilled staff to prevent this type of behavior, and if you are committing fraud, we promise your order will not proceed past this step.

For everyone else, this step is a breeze assuming we had no difficulty obtaining payment from you. With that being said, we cannot continue with the order until you have first remitted payment to us. If you place your order by credit card then this is completed right away, whereas if you opt to pay by a slower method such as a money order, it will cause further delays. If there is a problem with your payment we will call you to resolve it, so be sure to provide a number we can easily reach you at.

Step 5 – The Physician Review

This step is necessary for all customers who are not sending us a copy of their original medication prescription. We will send the completed medical profile to the physician for review and they will approve or disapprove the order based on this data. If your order is disapproved, we will contact you to resolve the problem (in many cases, we just require further information or details on a particular issue). If your order is approved, we move onto the next step.

It is important to fill out your medical profile completely and accurately during the order process because any incomplete information will delay the processing of your order until we can obtain it.


Step 6 – Off to the Pharmacy

Only once we reach this step will the pharmacy receive your order. Upon receipt of your order details they will fulfill and ship the order as fast as possible, but you must be aware that there may be product backorders or processing delays in certain pharmacies depending on the demand at the time. If this occurs, we may opt to move your order to another pharmacy to ensure that there is no further delay caused to you. Our goal is to ensure that you have the order within our delivery guidelines and if we cannot achieve this goal for whatever reason we will inform you so that we can agree on how to proceed next – even if it is providing you with a full refund. Customer satisfaction is vera important to us so never forget that we are working around the clock to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


Step 7 – In the Mail

Once the pharmacy has shipped your order, they will update your account with the tracking and shipping details so that you may monitor the shipments until delivery. Please note that not every shipment is traceable, at least not right away. Shipments are generally traceable only after they have cleared your country's customs department.

Our pharmacies use a number of different shipping methods depending on where you reside and what products you are ordering. You should pay special attention to the date your order was shipped so that you can make an educated guess as to when it will be delivered. If the shipment has not arrived during our posted delivery times, then you should contact us so we can issue a trace and reship, or refund as per our guarantee.


Step 8 – Successfully Delivered

This is the final step of the process. You receive your product, we complete the order.

We absolutely love this step because it gives us so much pleasure in knowing that we have made such a difference in people’s lives. It is here that we encourage you to please tell all your friends and family about our online drugstore service so that we can help them too!

If for any reason your order of prescription drugs is not successfully delivered, we will of course reship free of charge or provide you with a 100% refund as per our satisfaction guarantee. We rely on satisfied customers to stay in business, so you can rest assure that we will do everything in our power to keep you happy and smiling every step of the way.