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Furosemide Branded

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Lasilactone Information

What makes Lasilactone so effective is the fact that it contains a unique combination between two very important 

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Lasilactone Information

What makes Lasilactone so effective is the fact that it contains a unique combination between two very important components: furosemide and spironolactone. Furosemide is actually one of the most powerful loop diuretics, while the other ingredient (spironolactone) is also a diuretic – a potassium sparing one.

Lasilactone Indications

Studies have shown that a therapy with Lasilactone can ease the medical condition of individuals who are suffering from congestive heart failure, oedema, hyperaldosteronism, liver cirrhosis, and so on. Ask your personal physician to explain to you how a therapy with Lasilactone will help improve your medical condition.

Lasilactone Warnings

Patients who are following a long term treatment trial with Lasilactone ought to keep their electrolyte and fluid balance closely monitored (they should undergo regular blood tests). As it is a known fact that a therapy with a diuretic will trigger an increased production of urine, patients should consider using their doses of this medicine in the morning, in order to reduce the likelihood of getting up during the night to go to the bathroom. Your physician will be happy to provide you with further pieces of advice regarding your therapy with Lasilactone.

Extra precautions ought to be taken into consideration by patients who want to follow a therapy with Lasilactone but who are suffering from: diabetes, kidney failure, enlarged prostate, liver disease, hypokalemia, hypovolaemia, hypotension, and so on. Studies have shown that a therapy with this medicine that is prescribed to a pregnant female will severely harm the growing fetus. This means that the mother can be prescribed Lasilactone only if a specialist has assessed that the expected benefit to the patient is greater than the risk that the fetus undergoes. The only person that can give you reliable information regarding this matter is your personal health care provider. Studies have shown that this drug’s components are able to flow into the patient’s breast milk. Mothers should discontinue nursing their infant(s) when they start using this medicine (Lasilactone).

Lasilactone Intake Guidelines

Most patients who have followed a therapy with this medicine confessed that they found reliable information in the drug’s label. Before you start a therapy with Lasilactone you should read the label with attention. Ask your physician to tell you if you should take any extra precautions during your therapy with this medication.

Lasilactone Dosage

Even if the drug’s label contains some dosage instructions, we recommend you to seek your physician’s assistance in order to determine the proper dose of Lasilactone that you should ingest on a regular basis.

Lasilactone Overdose

We do not have enough information regarding the potential symptoms and signs that are associated with this medical condition (Lasilactone overdose). If you suspect that you have recently ingested an extremely high amount of this medicine and that you might be experiencing over dosage, you should be granted emergency medical care. You should present yourself at the nearest medical centre in order to be given the appropriate therapy.

Lasilactone Missed Dose

A missed dose of Lasilactone can affect your treatment trial’s effectiveness. If you were unable (for any reason whatsoever) to use a dose of this medicine at its due time, we strongly recommend you to seek professional guidance. Ask your doctor to tell you the steps that you ought to follow in order to correct your mistake.

Lasilactone Side Effects

Like most other medical products on the market, a therapy with Lasilactone can trigger a set of unpleasant adverse reactions. After studying numerous patients who have followed a treatment trial with Lasilactone, scientists were able to make a list of the side effects that are widely associated with the intake of this medical product. The most common of them are: impotence, blood disorders, fatigue, skin rashes, gut disturbances (abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, and so on), hyperglycemia (high blood glucose levels), gynaecomastia (breast enlargement, especially in men), hypotension, irregular menstrual period, disturbances in the organism’s average electrolyte levels, and so on.

Lasilactone Drug Reactions

Studies have shown that a combination between this medicine and a potassium salt or an Ace inhibitor will increase the patient’s risk of developing hyperkalemia (high blood potassium levels). This is why all physicians recommend patients to avoid combining similar therapies. This medicine’s ingredients are the ones that determine which combination is a benefic one, and which is a harmful one. For example, spironolactone is known to elevate the patient’s blood levels of cardiac glycosides (especially digoxin). Furosemide has proved to trigger an extra loss of potassium from the individual’s blood, triggering hypokalemia. This is why, if a patient who is following a treatment trial with Lasilactone is also taking hydrocortisone or any other corticosteroid, he or she becomes prone to developing severe depletion and abnormally low blood potassium levels. During his or her therapy with Lasilactone, if a patient is also taking drugs that are known to lower their blood pressure levels, the patient is under a high risk of experiencing fainting, due to an abnormally large drop in his or her blood pressure.  However, the diuretic and the blood pressure lowering effects that a therapy with furosemide is known to have can be abolished and even reduced if they are combined with an adjacent treatment trial with Indomethacin . Some NSAIDs can also help in this purpose, but their effects have not been clinically proven. A therapy with this medicine can decrease the organism’s ability to remove lithium. High blood lithium level is a medical condition that can trigger more severe adverse reactions to this medicine.

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