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Albenza (Albendazole)

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Quick overview

Albenza is a drug also commonly known in different countries under the name of Albendazole. Albenza is a drug that belongs to a wide class of medicines called anthelmintics. This type of drugs is used in the treatment of tapeworm infections.

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Albenza Information

Albenza is a drug also commonly known in different countries under the name of Albendazole. Albenza is a drug that belongs to a wide class of medicines called anthelmintics. This type of drugs is used in the treatment of tapeworm infections. Albenza is a drug with a special inhibitory effect than works on tubulin polymerization. In this way, the cytoplasmic microtubules are gone. Albenza has proven itself to be highly efficient in the fight against Taenia solium and Echinococcus granulosus (especially during their larval forms).

Albenza Indications

Albenza (Albendazole) is a drug that is usually prescribed to patients who have Taenia solium or Echinococcus granulosus. However, this drug could also be used for other purposes (it can treat other disorders) besides the ones that have been mentioned here. 

Albenza Warnings

A treatment with Albenza could cause harm to the patient’s bone marrow or to his or her liver. Therefore, in the case of a long term treatment with this drug, a doctor should carefully monitorise the patient’s response to the treatment (liver function tests, blood counts monitoring, etc), at least twice a month. The treatment with this drug (Albenza) can be continued only if the blood changes in the patient’s body are modest. You must consult with your personal physician before you start taking this drug, because some rare fatalities are associated with a treatment with Albenza. These deaths were due to pancytopenia and to granulocytopenia. 
The patients that need to be treated for neurocysticercosis must also receive the most appropriate anticonvulsant and steroid therapy as required (this differs from one patient to another). Doctors ought to keep in mind the possibility of administering intravenous or oral corticosteroids, because these drugs are known to successfully prevent unwanted cerebral hypertensive episodes (that usually occur during the first week of the patient’s anticysticeral treatment).

If you are pregnant, or if you are planning to be so soon, you should not start taking Albenza (also known as Albendazole) except in some severe clinical circumstances (only if there is no other alternative management). If a patient (a woman) that is taking this drug gets pregnant during her treatment with Albenza, she should be informed of the possible harm that could be caused to the fetus. If you are currently nursing a baby, you must not start taking this drug without your doctor’s consent. You ought to take all the necessary precautions that your doctor tells you to.
This drug has not been properly tested on children. Therefore, you should consult a pediatrician before you give this drug to a child under the age of 6. The hydatid infection in young children and in infants is extremely uncommon. However, no problems or harmful effects have been encountered in the children who were treated with Albenza. The neurocysticercosis infection is unfortunately more common than the neurocysticercosis infection in children. Albenza has not been properly tested on elderly patients.

Albenza Intake Guidelines

Ask your doctor how and when you should take Albenza in order to get the best results from your treatment. You must not disobey any of the instructions that your doctor has given you. If you fail to understand any of them, you should address a pharmacist, a doctor or a nurse. Albenza should be taken in with food or milk in order to prevent stomach upset. You ought to store this drug away from heat and moisture. It is recommended that you keep this medicine away from direct sunlight and from the reach of children.

Albenza Dosage

Ask your doctor to tell you the dose of Albenza that suits you best, In order to ensure that you take in the correct amount of Albenza you should use a measuring device such as a measuring cup or a measuring spoon (not a regular spoon). You can buy such a device from your local pharmacy. You must not take double doses of this drug without your doctor’s consent.

Albenza Overdose

If you suspect that you could be suffering from an overdose with Albenza, you are probably in need of medical care as soon as possible. Contact your local poison control center as soon as you can. Alert your doctor immediately. In case of Albenza overdose, general supportive measures and symptomatic therapy are usually recommended.

Albenza Missed Dose

In order to get the best results from you treatment with Albenza, you should try to take this drug on a regular basis. If you happen to forget to take one of your doses of this drug, you should take it as soon as you can. If it is about time for another of your schedules Albenza doses, you should skip the dose that you have missed and continue with your regular treatment. You must not take in double doses of Albenza without your personal physician’s consent.

Albenza Side Effects

The most common Albenza side effects that have affected most patients are headache, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, fever, sore throat, seizures or unusual bleeding or bruising. However, if these side effects persist, you must alert your doctor as soon as you can.
The next adverse events are very rare: rash, leukopenia, allergic reactions, urticaria, and sometimes even acute renal failure.

Albenza Drug Reactions

Avoid taking these drugs during your Albenza treatment:

  • Dexamethasone
  • Cimetidine
  • Praziquantel
  • Theophylline

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