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Nexium Information

Nexium is a popular medicine that is also widely known under the generic name of Esomeprazole (this drug’s main ingredient).

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Nexium Information

Nexium is a popular medicine that is also widely known under the generic name of Esomeprazole (this drug’s main ingredient). This medicine is an anti-ulcer medication and also an effective stomach acid pump inhibitor. It achieves its goal by gradually but effectively reducing the amount of acid that the patient’s stomach produces.

Nexium Indications

This drug is mainly prescribed to patients who are suffering from ulcers and for patients who have abnormally high stomach acidity. Nexium is a medicine that can also be taken in in order to treat Gerd (a medical condition that is also known as gastro esophageal reflux disease) and also Duodenal Ulcers. However, Esomeprazole can also be used for some other purposes that have not been listed here. Ask your personal physician for more information.

Nexium Warnings

Before you start to follow a treatment with this medicine you must alert your personal physician if you are suffering from known allergic reactions to this medicine or to any of its main ingredients. You must also tell your physician if you are allergic to any other substances (such as foods, dyes, preservatives or other medicines) before you start taking Nexium. This drug has not been thoroughly tested on pregnant patients (women). Animal studies did not show any dangerous birth defects that could have been attributed to this medicine. However, if you are pregnant, or if you are planning to become pregnant soon, you should ask your personal physician if you may start taking Nexium.

Nexium’s main ingredient (Esomeprazole) is not thought to be able to pass into the patient’s breast milk. However, if you are breastfeeding an infant, you should ask your personal healthcare provider if it is safe to start taking this medicine. Before you start to follow a treatment with this drug, you should alert your personal physician if you are suffering from any type of liver disease. Patients who have liver malfunctions or liver disorders are not regularly allowed to use this medicine, as Esomeprazole might begin to build up in the organism. Patients who have liver disorders but who have to use this medicine are regularly prescribed a smaller dose of Nexium. Their treatment should be regularly monitored.

During a treatment with Nexium, it is highly important that the patient should undergo regular medical examinations in order to see if your medical condition has improved. If your medical disorder (stomach acidity disturbances or ulcer) has not improved, you must alert your personal physician and ask him or her for further advice.

Nexium Intake Guidelines

If you are following a treatment with Nexium, you should take it exactly how your doctor has told you to. If you have any further questions regarding the treatment, you should consult a doctor, a pharmacist or a nurse. Carefully read the set of instructions from the medicine’s label. Your dose of this medicine should be taken about an hour before at least one of your regular meals. If you are taking Nexium pills, you should try to swallow the capsule as a whole (do not crush, chew or break it). If you cannot do that, you should sprinkle the pill’s contents into some apple sauce (or water) and take it right away.

Nexium Dosage

Ideally patients should consult their personal physicians with regard to the ideal dosage, as it depends on a wide range of factors which can differ from one person to another. You must not make any adjustments to the dose that you have been prescribed without your physician’s approval. The average dose of Nexium consists of:

  • 20-40 mg in the case of adults; this dose should be taken in once per day (this prevents GERD)
  • 20 mg in the case of adults who are suffering from GERD (this dose should be taken in once every day)
  • 40 mg (a single time each day) in the case of adult patients who are treating ulcers 

Nexium Overdose

If you suspect that you might be suffering from an overdose of Nexium you should immediately seek medical attention. Alert your local poison control centre as soon as possible. Contact your personal healthcare provider as soon as you can. We have no information regarding the possible symptoms that could be triggered by an overdose of Nexium.

Nexium Missed Dose

You should avoid missing a dose of this drug. If you do miss one, you should take it as soon as you remember to. Try to space the other doses throughout that day evenly, then continue with your regular schedule. However, if it is already time for another dose, you must skip the dose that you have missed and proceed with your regular schedule. You must not take a double dose of Nexium without permission from your personal doctor.

Nexium Side Effects

Most of Nexium’s side effects are temporary and will disappear once your organism has adjusted to the treatment. They regularly include:

  • Abdominal Upsets
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Dryness of mouth
  • Nausea

There are other side effects which could also occur if you are taking this drug. Tell your doctor if you feel anything disturbing or unusual while taking this medicine.

Nexium Drug Reactions

Inform you doctor if you are taking any additional medicines of this kind apart from Nexium. He might lower your dosage of this medicine or monitor the way your body reacts to the treatment.

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In some countries NEXIUM may also be known as: Esomax, Ulcratex, Inexium, Esomac, Esoz, Sompraz, Axagon, Esopral, Lucen, Axiago 

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