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Sinemet (Carbidopa and levodopa)

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Quick overview

Sinemet is a popular medicine that contains two important ingredients: levodopa and carbidopa.

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Sinemet Information

Sinemet is a popular medicine that contains two important ingredients: levodopa and carbidopa. This product is largely prescribed in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, a medical disorder that is thought to be triggered by low levels of dopamine (a chemical that naturally occurs in the human organism).

Sinemet Indications

Sinemet is a well known drug that is prescribed in the treatment of disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and its symptoms (tremors, stiffness, poor muscular control and / or spasms). This drug can also be prescribed to treat patients who are suffering from intoxication with carbon monoxide. However, a treatment with this product could also serve some other purposes that have not been listed in this guide. Ask your personal health care provider for more information about Sinemet.

Sinemet Warnings

You must not end your treatment with this product (Sinemet) without first consulting it with your health care specialist, as this could worsen your medical condition. In some cases, the treatment’s effects are only seen after a few weeks of intake. During your treatment with this medicine you should avoid performing any activities that are known to require either mental or physical awareness (such as operating complicated machinery or driving). Intake of this medicine is known to sometimes trigger drowsiness and dizziness. If you some how develop any uncontrollable movements of the tongue, mouth, cheeks, arms, jaws or legs while using Sinemet you should alert your personal health care specialist as soon as possible.

Some medical conditions are known to sometimes prevent you from starting a treatment with this medicine. Patients who are suffering from any of the disorders that have been mentioned here should not be allowed to use Sinemet or should be prescribed a lower dose of this medicine (furthermore, their intake of this product should be closely monitored by an authorized doctor):

  • glaucoma;
  • past or current skin cancer (especially malignant melanoma);
  • any type of heart disorder this includes arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, heart attack;
  • respiratory disease;
  • kidney disease;
  • liver disease;
  • a hormonal disorder;
  • intestinal or stomach ulcer;
  • psychiatric disease such as depression.

Sinemet is a category C FDA pregnancy drug. Therefore, it has not been clearly determined whether this medicine’s ingredients could harm a growing fetus or not. However, if you are pregnant, you should ask your personal doctor if it is safe for you and for your baby to start taking Sinemet. It has not been clearly determined whether this drug’s ingredients could pass into your breast milk. Therefore, if you are nursing a child, you should ask for your physician’s approval to start using Sinemet.

Sinemet Intake Guidelines

You should ask your health care specialist to explain to you in detail exactly how you should take your doses of Sinemet. If you fail to understand his instructions, you should ask a nurse or a pharmacist to properly explain them to you. Read the medicine’s label for more information. As Sinemet is not known to be a stomach irritant you may take it on a full or on an empty stomach.  

Each dose of Sinemet should be accompanied by a glass of liquid. Store this product at the average room temperature, away from heat and moisture. Do not put it in a place that can be easily reached by either pets or children.

Sinemet Dosage

You should ask your doctor to tell you the precise dose of Sinemet that you should use on a regular basis. Do not make any changes to the dose that you personal physician has prescribed you without his or her approval.

Sinemet Overdose

If you think you might be experiencing an overdose with this drug you should alert your personal health care provider as soon as possible. The symptoms that could be triggered by an overdose with Sinemet are known to include eyelid spasms, muscle weakness spasms or weakness, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, confusion, irregular heartbeat, hallucinations, agitation, and unconsciousness.

Sinemet Missed Dose

If you miss any of your Sinemet doses you should take it as soon as you recall. However, if it is time for another prescribed dose, skip the one that you have missed and proceed with your dosing schedule.

Sinemet Side Effects

Sinemet’s severe side effects include:

  • allergic reaction;
  • uncontrolled movements of a body part;
  • severe vomiting, nausea, or diarrhea;
  • seizures;
  • chest fluttering;
  • irregular heartbeat;
  • unusual changes in your regular behavior or mood;
  • suicidal thoughts or depression.

A treatment with this product could also trigger some other less severe but more common side effects like

  • mild vomiting, nausea, or decreased appetite;
  • dry mouth, constipation, or blurred vision;
  • muscle twitches;
  • hand tremor;
  • confusion, insomnia, or nightmares;
  • darkening of your sweat, urine, or saliva;
  • drowsiness or dizziness;
  • anxiety or agitation;
  • fatigue.

A prolonged intake of Sinemet could also trigger some other side effects or symptoms that have not been mentioned here. If you feel anything unusual or bothersome during or shortly after your treatment with this drug you should alert your personal health care provider (doctor) as soon as possible.

Sinemet Drug Reactions

Ask your personal health care provider to tell you if you may use any other medicines during your treatment with Sinemet.

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