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Ayur Slim 60 caps 60 CAPSULE(S)


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Quick overview

Ingredients of Ayur Slim

Ingredients present in Ayur Slim capsules are:
Trigoneela foenum-graecum – Medhika, Fenugreek


Ayur Slim Capsules

Ingredients of Ayur Slim

Ingredients present in Ayur Slim capsules are:
Trigoneela foenum-graecum – Medhika, Fenugreek
Gymnema sylvestre – Meshashringi
Garcinia cambogia – Vrikshamla, Garcinia
Terminalia Chebula – Haritaki, Myrobalan, Chebulic
Commiphora wightii – Guggulu, Indian Bedellium

Ayur Slim Information

Obesity can be the cause of many diseases and illnesses of the likes of:

o Arthritis 
o Heart disease
o Bladder disease
o BP complications
o Cancer
o Pains in the back
o Sleep apnea (breathing complications which occur during the sleep)

Therefore, it is important to control the body weight.

Utilization of the Ayur Slim capsules has three main functions for controlling the body weight:

1. Ayur Slim hinders the synthesis development of fatty acids, hence this decreases the fat content which may accumulate in the person’s body

2. Ayur Slim brings about an optimization in the nutrient utilization in the body

3. Ayur Slim discourages the person’s wants for food. Hence, this leads to a fall in the amount of carbohydrates and fats consumed.

Ayur Slim also helps in the reduction of cholesterol content and also that of triglyceride.

Ayur Slim is highly efficient in managing the following conditions:

1. Sugar cravings

2. Hyperlipemia

3. Obesity

Ayur Slim Warnings

Individuals suffering from the conditions below should be closely monitored while taking Ayur Slim:

o Heart complications
o Hypertension
o Diabetes

Women who are expecting should not take Ayur Slim. However, after delivery when lochial discharge has stopped, Ayur Slim can be taken without any risk.

People suffering from kidney or related diseases and jaundice should not take Ayur Slim.

Ayur Slim Side Effects

The medication Ayur Slim has been thoroughly researched. Usage of this product which is Ayurvedic herbal, has been established as safe. There are no side effects which will result from Ayur Slim utilisation. 

Ayur Slim Overdose

An overdose of Ayur Slim is highly improbable.

Ayur Slim Usage Guidelines

The Ayur Slim dose should be taken after your meal.

The Ayur Slim dose advised is of 2 Ayur Slim capsules two times daily.

Ayur Slim must be utilized along with a low-calorie diet program. You should also exercise everyday for about 30 minutes. 

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In some countries AYUR SLIM CAPSULES may also be known as: Slim-Fast 

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