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Gastro Health

  1. As low as: $20.00

    Buy Aciphex from our online pharmacy, (generic name of Rabeprazole) as it is specially formulated to reduce the amount of acid produced in the stomach.

  2. As low as: $40.00

    Albenza is a drug also commonly known in different countries under the name of Albendazole. Albenza is a drug that belongs to a wide class of medicines called anthelmintics. This type of drugs is used in the treatment of tapeworm infections.

  3. As low as: $14.00

    Aricep (Donepezil) 5mg improves the function of nerve cells in the brain. It works by preventing the breakdown of a chemical called acetylcholine.
  4. As low as: $19.99

    Asacol Information

    Asacol with the generic name of Mesalamine is used to treat inflammation, damage in the body tissues, 

  5. From: $16.99

    To: $47.98

    Dulcolax Information

    Dulcolax is a type of oral laxative. Oral laxatives are used to soften stools and encourage bowel movement.

  6. As low as: $18.00

    Generic Colazal (balsalazide) reduces the actions of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation in the colon (bowel).Generic Colazal (balsalazide) is used to treat active ulcerative colitis.
  7. As low as: $28.99

    Nexium Information

    Nexium is a popular medicine that is also widely known under the generic name of Esomeprazole (this drug’s main ingredient).

  8. As low as: $20.99

    Vermox Information

    Vermox is a popular drug that is more commonly known under the generic name of Mebendazole.

  9. As low as: $10.00

    Motilium is indicated for:

    -         delayed gastric emptying of functional origin with gastro-oesophageal reflux and/or dyspepsia;

    -         control of nausea and vomiting of central or local origin;

    -         as an anti-emetic in patients receiving cytostatic and radiation therapy;

    -         facilitates radiological examination of the upper gastro-intestinal tract.

  10. As low as: $9.00

    Prevacid Information

    Buy Prevacid from our online pharmacy. It is also generically known as Lansoprazole, 

  11. As low as: $18.00

    Ondansetron blocks the actions of chemicals in the body that can trigger nausea and vomiting.